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diary friday, 3.51pm

hi everyone, how are you? i haven’t done a lot this week, just posted my adoptive mother’s birthday things off.  my dil is due for a check at hospital at 3pm today to see if she needs antibiotics.  my mood is … Continue reading

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fri. 1st feb. 6.41am

hi, how are you all? i had a spell of anxiety when i found out that the medical assessments for benefits are being made even tougher. but i’ve calmed down now. there is nothing i can do about it. whatever … Continue reading

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diary fri.25th jan. 5.29am

i have spent most of this week printing off a press kit to promote my novel Dreams of Death, which i am sending to various media, celebrities and acquaintances with an interest in mental health.  i’ve also started reading a … Continue reading

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diary 1 (3.40am)

hi, how are you? i pulled a muscle in my back at the beginning of the week so couldn’t do much. since then i have wrapped my twin sister in australia’s birthday presents and posted them. my son was too … Continue reading

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‘dreams of death’ my book is being re-edited as there were some problems with the first edit. still haven’t been able to summon the motivation to do any work on my memoir. have been reading-‘brass ring’ by diane chamberlain and … Continue reading

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