Hi everyone, I’ve done my extra big monthly housework this week.  got my cervical smear results back and they’re normal so I can forget about that for a while.  have been updating the outline for my memoir.  felt very depressed mid week but a few extra anti depressants and I’m fine again.

Thursday I invited two of the women from the mental health meetup group over for a cup of tea and a chat.  it wasn’t great, I felt uncomfortable but it’s a breakthrough as it’s the first time I’ve invited anybody over since I moved in four and a half years ago.
tomorrow I’m planning to go to Coventry on the off chance of seeing my long lost love peter hughes at the shopping centre.  (he used to go there on the off chance of seeing me.)
I’ve found a new website on facebook that is specifically for people with free running circadian rhythm disorder.  I’m hoping that will be quite supportive.
all for now, love Lynda x​


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i had a good start to last week.  Saturday I went to the mental health social group meetup.  there were six of us.  three men and three women but I had met five of the people before so I didn’t get anxious and we had a good chat.
Monday my daughter in law (who won’t talk to me, it’s a long story)  was working late so I got to spend several hours with my son and grandson which was lovely.
Tuesday I saw my gp and she was able to do my cervical smear test really quickly and easily.  I’m relieved that’s over and hopefully won’t need doing again for five years.   
And I finally got copies of the notes made by the sleep specialist I saw in 2006.  he said I have free running circadian rhythm disorder,  probably because I don’t produce melatonin or I produce it but don’t respond to it.  usually with free running circadian rhythm your sleep gets later every night/day but I have the form where your sleep jumps about all over the 24 hr clock.  he didn’t offer any explanation as to why I sleep 24hrs plus at a stretch. 
I wish he had told me about the free running disorder at the time.  he also said he was going to get my melatonin levels tested and my body clock genes.  I don’t know if he got those tests done but I’ve never been given the results and they’re not in his notes.  I feel like I have at least some medical evidence to back me up when I’m trying to explain to people why I’m asleep in the day so much anyway.
Wednesday to early this morning I have slept but today I have energy.  I’ve finished my housework for the week and ordered my shopping for next week.  As usual I’ve ordered some special food treats for the bank holiday.  once I’ve finished my emails I will try and do some writing on my memoir.
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Hi everybody.  I gave up trying to build my own website, too difficult.  So I have paid Red Website Design to build one for me.  It’s very basic but you can read information about me and about my book Dreams of Death, there are links to buy my book from chipmunka publishing or amazon kindle and you can post comments.  I hope to develop the content as time goes on.

Come and see for yourself http://www.lynda-anning.com

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 The press release for my book went out on Wednesday 9th April 2014.

Dreams of Death: Searing Novel Exposes True Plight of Mental Illness & Mental Health System.


Written by Lynda Anning and drawing on her own life experiences, ‘Dreams of Death: A Story of Mental Illness’ gives readers a rare look into not only mental illness, but the ‘broken’ healthcare system that claims to support victims. Whilst fiction, Anning’s compelling narrative serves as a vital wakeup call to those working in the mental health arena.


Lynda Anning Email: lynda.anning@gmail.com



United Kingdom – From the outside, the United Kingdom claims to have one of the world’s best and most supportive mental health treatment initiatives. However, to those using it, the system often lacks the professionalism and compassion it tries so hard to boast.

This is a side of the healthcare system that few experience. However, a powerful and important new novel by Lynda Anning fuses her own experiences with fiction to openly expose the truth of mental illness and the holes in its support system.

‘Dreams of Death: A Story of Mental Illness’ is an important read for sufferers, those in the healthcare industry or anyone wanting a rare glimpse into the life of those battling some of the world’s most misunderstood conditions.




This is a short general fiction novel. It draws on my own experiences of mental illness and the mental health system and the experiences of people I have met. Names of characters and locations are fictional. When Neil loses everything he values most in life he has a mental breakdown that precipitates a journey through mental illness and the mental health system. Elizabeth is an outgoing, independent career woman who finds herself confined to her home and isolated by agoraphobia. Lyndsay is a schoolgirl mother who ends up teetering on the brink of anorexia. And Katharine is a single parent student struggling with depression. Will any of them manage to regain a better quality of life?

“I wanted to show people what it’s really like,” says Anning. “Whilst a lot of the narrative tells the story of sufferers, its underlying message is one of a severely broken mental healthcare system that’s in dire need of repair.”

The response from readers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The way you describe the mental health services the severity of the treatment, the lack of compassion (and downright unprofessional manner) of the staff is a probing negative portrayal; which could shake a few professionals into examining their attitude and behaviour with clients. It’s sadly pretty spot on from what I have seen and experienced,” says Niki Mcbain.

Kimberley Sandford adds, “I think it offers a really good insight into the world of mental health issues and peoples’ perspectives of it and I really like how there are different characters with their own stories who are connected to each other.  My Mum has been reading it too and has also found it a compelling read.”

‘Dreams of Death: A Story of Mental Illness’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1qdFmXs. It can also be purchased directly from the publisher in paperback and eBook formats.






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Paperback has arrived !!

hi everyone.  the paperback version of Dreams of Death by Lynda Anning is now available  from Chipmunkapublishing.com.  http://chipmunkapublishing.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info.&products_id=2479 Dreams of Death is a short fictional story about mental illness.  It is also available as a kindle edition from amazon and as an ebook from chipmunkapublishing.com.

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Dreams of Death Paperback Progress

hi everyone, I approved the cover for my paperback today.

Dreams of Death is already available as kindle from amazon and as an ebook from chipmunkapublishing.  author, Lynda Anning.

I have had a couple of nice events this week. on Saturday I made it to the HEAL (hope, enlightenment and love) buddies social group for people with mental health issues.  There were 6 of us. nice people and we had a good conversation.

 on Monday i spent an hour with my son and grandson which was really nice.

Wednesday the facilitator for the Mood-master course starting up in my area visited me. she was pleasant and is coming again next Wednesday.

 since then i have mostly slept and am feeling depressed tonight.   I have had a sore throat and cough which doesn’t help.  I might get to see my son and grandson over the weekend.  x

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Dreams of Death paperback progress

hi everyone, I have been correcting the proof of the copy for the paperback version of my book Dreams of Death.  The book is a fictional story of mental illness. Watch this blog for further news.

the book is already available as an ebook and kindle from chipmunkapublishing and amazon.

I had a solitary but pleasant xmas and hope you all had a good time.  And all best wishes for the coming New Year.

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