Dreams of Death is a short fictional novel which explores mental illness and the mental health system in what aims to be a compelling, accessible and entertaining way.

Key themes: agoraphobia, anxiety, bereavement, crime, depression, homelessness, mental breakdown, psychosis, relationships.


When Neil loses everything he values most in life he has a mental breakdown that precipitates a journey through psychosis and the mental health system.

Elizabeth is an outgoing, independent career woman who finds herself confined to her home and isolated by agoraphobia.

Lyndsay is a schoolgirl mother who ends up teetering on the brink of anorexia.

And Katharine is a single parent student struggling with depression.

Will any of them manage to regain a better quality of life?


On the pale pink walls of her living room hung picture frames showing montages she had made of postcards and photos from her travels to countries round the world. She had been on painting holidays in France, toured Germany and Italy, cycled through Holland, cruised the Norwegian fjords, back-packed in Australia, tried camel-riding in Egypt, gone white-water rafting in Canada, the list could go on. In some of the older photos she was with a boyfriend but there had been no man in her life for a long time now. She suspected she was too self-reliant and strong-minded for most men. She’d had her passions over the years, known a few good, intelligent men who she had loved and respected. She had relished those relationships – the blissful, the exquisite, the challenging, and she loved a challenge, the arousing, the sweet, all of them had been worth a place in her heart, it was just that none of them were meant to last a lifetime.

And now, well now she was thirty something when the something meant almost forty. She had stopped weighing herself when the scales had shown thirteen stone and she had gone up at least two dress sizes since then. In addition, she found herself sprouting facial hair and burgeoning moles at a disconcerting rate. She had resigned herself without any great regret to spinsterhood. And if a man did come along now, well she wasn’t quite sure where she would fit him in. She had a well-paid career and plenty of freedom. She was active and fulfilled. Most days she woke up feeling excited, went through the day feeling stimulated, and ended the day feeling rewarded. She was very happy for life to continue exactly as it was. She thought it would be self-indulgent to hanker for more.

Dreams of Death is available from:
Chipmunkapublishing as a pdf download

Amazon as a kindle book

And will be available as a paperback in the Summer 2013

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