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diary, sat. 8.18pm

hi everybody, i’ve had poor energy this week.  have pretty much slept day and night monday to friday.  today has been a bit better.  tomorrow i am going to see my son, daughter in law and grandson, so something to … Continue reading

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diary friday 4.47pm Easter Feast

hi everybody, i had a nice easter. i got to see my son, dil and 12 day old grandson; and i feasted on things i wouldn’t usually eat. i even heated up a ready made cheese potato pie and tinned … Continue reading

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diary monday 1.03am the baby has arrived!!

hi everyone, it’s been a special week. my grandson was born by caesarian section at 8.07am tuesday 19th march weighing 9lb 4oz. he and his mum came home friday. at the moment he has very dark blue eyes and some … Continue reading

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diary friday, 3.51pm

hi everyone, how are you? i haven’t done a lot this week, just posted my adoptive mother’s birthday things off.  my dil is due for a check at hospital at 3pm today to see if she needs antibiotics.  my mood is … Continue reading

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diary sun. 17th feb. 10.16am

hi everyone, i went to my dil’s baby shower last sunday.  it was lovely, we played games and had a good time.  i was anxious as i always am socially but glad i went.   son and dil were chuffed with my … Continue reading

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diary. thurs. 7th feb. 10.06pm

hi all, here is my weekly update. how is your weather? we have had a lot of wind and rain and snow is forecast for the weekend. it was my 52nd birthday on monday. i had some nice presents and … Continue reading

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fri. 1st feb. 6.41am

hi, how are you all? i had a spell of anxiety when i found out that the medical assessments for benefits are being made even tougher. but i’ve calmed down now. there is nothing i can do about it. whatever … Continue reading

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