Book Trailer

hi, I was hoping to get a promotional video made to help sell my book.  however the company that makes the videos has asked me to say what sort of images and music I want them to use.

I haven’t a clue except I thought maybe a piece of melancholy classical music but I can’t name a specific piece.  For images the only thing I can think of is a series of images of different kinds of weather to reflect the ups and downs of people’s lives in the book.
for an idea of previous book trailers google PRForbooks.
anybody who has read the book any ideas on images or music would be very welcome.  thanks, Lynda x
ps. the book is available as a kindle book from amazon and as an ebook or paperback from

About lyndaanning

born in leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1961. i have one son Peter, born 1978. I am the author of Dreams of Death, a short general fiction novel published by Chipmunkapublishing.
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