i had a good start to last week.  Saturday I went to the mental health social group meetup.  there were six of us.  three men and three women but I had met five of the people before so I didn’t get anxious and we had a good chat.
Monday my daughter in law (who won’t talk to me, it’s a long story)  was working late so I got to spend several hours with my son and grandson which was lovely.
Tuesday I saw my gp and she was able to do my cervical smear test really quickly and easily.  I’m relieved that’s over and hopefully won’t need doing again for five years.   
And I finally got copies of the notes made by the sleep specialist I saw in 2006.  he said I have free running circadian rhythm disorder,  probably because I don’t produce melatonin or I produce it but don’t respond to it.  usually with free running circadian rhythm your sleep gets later every night/day but I have the form where your sleep jumps about all over the 24 hr clock.  he didn’t offer any explanation as to why I sleep 24hrs plus at a stretch. 
I wish he had told me about the free running disorder at the time.  he also said he was going to get my melatonin levels tested and my body clock genes.  I don’t know if he got those tests done but I’ve never been given the results and they’re not in his notes.  I feel like I have at least some medical evidence to back me up when I’m trying to explain to people why I’m asleep in the day so much anyway.
Wednesday to early this morning I have slept but today I have energy.  I’ve finished my housework for the week and ordered my shopping for next week.  As usual I’ve ordered some special food treats for the bank holiday.  once I’ve finished my emails I will try and do some writing on my memoir.

About lyndaanning

born in leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1961. i have one son Peter, born 1978. I am the author of Dreams of Death, a short general fiction novel published by Chipmunkapublishing.
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