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Results Depict Depression Art Competition

Originally posted on The Invisible F :
The wait is over! The results for my Depict Depression fundraiser Art Competition are out! 1st PLACE – Georgina Henshaw 2nd PLACE – Llinos Thomas 3rd PLACE – Margaret Whittaker 4th PLACE – Caroline…

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diary friday, 8.39pm Thatcher is dead!

hi all, i brought my son up as a single parent under margaret thatcher’s regime. i was mentally ill and couldn’t work full-time. i worked part-time when i was far too ill for it. financially it was a night-mare which … Continue reading

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diary friday 4.47pm Easter Feast

hi everybody, i had a nice easter. i got to see my son, dil and 12 day old grandson; and i feasted on things i wouldn’t usually eat. i even heated up a ready made cheese potato pie and tinned … Continue reading

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