i’ve had a pretty rubbish week sleep wise.  have slept night and day for eight consecutive days with only occasional brief awakenings for the loo and to get a drink and a sandwich.  came out of it feeling depressed at the waste of time,and worried that it would last even longer (i once spent two months like this). 

however today i have been awake and watching recorded tv all night, have cleaned kitchen and bathroom and done a load of laundry and have been to the shops to collect some overdue tablets from the chemist and do a bit of shopping.  thank god i’m active again although sadly i know from years of experience it won’t last long.

very proud of my little sister niki, she ran in the race for life on sunday.

haven’t done any writing or promotional work for my novel for the past week.

i did read ‘the gun seller’ by hugh laurie.  very well put together but too bloodthirsty for my tastes.  i only finished it because i’m such a fan of hugh laurie.

today i’ve ordered a book on how to be confident and ‘moab is my washpot’ by stephen fry.  i’ve avoided it before because the title was incomprehensible to me but now i’ve discovered that it’s stephen’s autobiography i’ve decided to give it a go.  stephen’s openness about stealing as a child has done more for me than any therapy to overcome the deep shame and guilt i felt most of my life over being a child thief myself.

How has your week been?


About lyndaanning

born in leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1961. i have one son Peter, born 1978. I am the author of Dreams of Death, a short general fiction novel published by Chipmunkapublishing.
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