my son pete came over and helped me with choosing an image for the front cover of my novel, Dreams of Death. , to be published by Chipmunka.  we are leaning towards a stormy sky.

Dream 1

i was sitting ina coffee lounge in a mental health unit.  Gary Church (ward manager when i was in a MHU twenty years ago) and David Mitchell (TV personality) were sitting at another table.

I asked David if he would like to walk me home and he said yes.  I asked Gary as well but he had things he had to do.

As we were walking home i asked David if we were girlfriend and boyfriend or friends.  He said he would like to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

David pointed out the bungalow where Gary lived.

Dream 2

I went to Spain with my twin sister kath. and was offered and took some heroin.  it just made me fall asleep.

Dream 3

I was in the patients coffee lounge at the mental health unit.  A member of staff was saying he saw the patients as vegetables.  I asked him for his name in order to complain.  His name badge said Ren Treason.


About lyndaanning

born in leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland in 1961. i have one son Peter, born 1978. I am the author of Dreams of Death, a short general fiction novel published by Chipmunkapublishing.
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