hi everybody, ​I have had a disappointing week, sleeping almost continuously and no energy to do anything when awake.

my sleep specialist says in his notes that he is having my melatonin levels and body clock genes tested but there are no results in the notes from seven years ago. I’ve asked my gp to write to him asking for the results.

my son popped over for ten minutes at the beginning of the week and I was supposed to go round to see him and my grandson today but I missed his text saying when to go over and then my grandson’s sleep pattern was all over the place so we called it off.

my son is going to try to get home early from work on Monday so I can go over Monday afternoon.

this evening I’ve walked to the post box to post a friend’s birthday card so I’m hoping this signals the return of some energy.

all for now, hope you all have a good week, Lynda x

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hi everyone, how’s things? are you coping ok with the heatwave? all you Englanders? I haven’t had to go out in it so far, so just drinking cold drinks and not doing much and I’m ok.

I’ve had a mixed week. I had one of my sessions of being awake 30hrs plus at the end of last week so slept all Saturday and missed the picnic with the HEAL buddies (mental health social group) which was a shame. by all accounts they had a lovely time.

Monday I was hoping to see my son and grandson but my son was ill and cancelled. he has been covering for the firefighter’s strike this week. starting work at 5.40am to do his usual job and not finishing till 7pm after the evening strike. he is not happy.

Fortunately I woke up in time Tuesday for my friend to visit from London. we had a pub meal and then came back to the flat for a bit of a chat and then it was time for her to go.

I was awake for the gas inspection but since then I have slept almost solidly, missing my routine blood test app for the second time.

so I haven’t done any writing this week.

tomorrow there is a heal buddies meetup at the coffee shop so I hope I make that.

all for now, hope you all have a good week. love Lynda x

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Dreams of Death now available from all good bookshops & online retailers

At last the paperback of Dreams of Death should be available in bookshops and online.

And I’ve had a good week in other ways as well. I made it to my doc appointment and trip to the chemist for repeat prescription last Friday. Saturday I went to Coventry. Wednesday I slept all day but the rest of the time I have been awake and had energy and motivation. I’ve done quite a bit of writing.

if all goes to plan I’ve got quite a busy (for me) week ahead. Saturday the mental health social group are having a picnic in a Birmingham park. Monday my son is off work and we hope to meet up. Tuesday my friend Alisha from London is visiting me. Wednesday I have the man coming to check my gas appliances and Thursday I have a routine blood test.

Hope you all have a good week, Lynda x

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Hi everyone, I’ve had a pretty nice week. I didn’t make it to the mental health social group on Saturday, I was asleep all day. but I had a lovely couple of hours with my son and grandson on Monday. My grandson is very active and very strong willed, just like his dad at the same age. he is really fun to play with and is saying more words.

Tuesday and Wednesday I slept solidly but Thursday I had a good day. I went to sleep about 5pm Thursday and have woken feeling alert and motivated at 5am today Friday. so I’m hoping i’ll have a productive day. after my emails I just have writing on my memoir to do, it’s just a matter of getting motivated!

I’ve got a gp app for a repeat prescription at 4pm this afternoon but no plans for the weekend.

all for now, best wishes, Lynda x

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Hi everybody,

I made it to the mental health group meet up last Saturday.  it was a bit boring because I’d heard most of the conversations before.
I had a very good day Tuesday and again today, up early and had the energy to get things done.  the rest of the time I’ve slept.
I hope to go to the depression support group meetup this coming Saturday.
all for now, Lynda xx​
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Video Book Trailer

Hi everybody, I slept all last weekend.

I was expecting to visit my son and grandson Monday but at the last minute my son had a work meeting and was too tired for me to visit afterwards.

Tuesday I was awake from 1am and had a very good day and got lots done. my book video came through and I spent a lot of time uploading it to various places. not very enjoyable as I don’t know what I’m doing. you can see it on youtube at http://youtu.be/zxbhgnMJu-M. It’s quite somber but I’m pleased with it, although a bit worried they haven’t made clear that it’s fiction.

I slept through again Wednesday to Thursday evening.
Today, Friday I am wrestling with the question of whether I can make some changes to my website.

Saturday if I’m awake I will go to the ‘heal’ mental health social group.

all for now, love Lynda xx​

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Book Trailer

hi, I was hoping to get a promotional video made to help sell my book.  however the company that makes the videos has asked me to say what sort of images and music I want them to use.

I haven’t a clue except I thought maybe a piece of melancholy classical music but I can’t name a specific piece.  For images the only thing I can think of is a series of images of different kinds of weather to reflect the ups and downs of people’s lives in the book.
for an idea of previous book trailers google PRForbooks.
anybody who has read the book any ideas on images or music would be very welcome.  thanks, Lynda x
ps. the book is available as a kindle book from amazon and as an ebook or paperback from http://chipmunkapublishing.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info.&products_id=2479
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Hi everyone, I’ve done my extra big monthly housework this week.  got my cervical smear results back and they’re normal so I can forget about that for a while.  have been updating the outline for my memoir.  felt very depressed mid week but a few extra anti depressants and I’m fine again.

Thursday I invited two of the women from the mental health meetup group over for a cup of tea and a chat.  it wasn’t great, I felt uncomfortable but it’s a breakthrough as it’s the first time I’ve invited anybody over since I moved in four and a half years ago.
tomorrow I’m planning to go to Coventry on the off chance of seeing my long lost love peter hughes at the shopping centre.  (he used to go there on the off chance of seeing me.)
I’ve found a new website on facebook that is specifically for people with free running circadian rhythm disorder.  I’m hoping that will be quite supportive.
all for now, love Lynda x​


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i had a good start to last week.  Saturday I went to the mental health social group meetup.  there were six of us.  three men and three women but I had met five of the people before so I didn’t get anxious and we had a good chat.
Monday my daughter in law (who won’t talk to me, it’s a long story)  was working late so I got to spend several hours with my son and grandson which was lovely.
Tuesday I saw my gp and she was able to do my cervical smear test really quickly and easily.  I’m relieved that’s over and hopefully won’t need doing again for five years.   
And I finally got copies of the notes made by the sleep specialist I saw in 2006.  he said I have free running circadian rhythm disorder,  probably because I don’t produce melatonin or I produce it but don’t respond to it.  usually with free running circadian rhythm your sleep gets later every night/day but I have the form where your sleep jumps about all over the 24 hr clock.  he didn’t offer any explanation as to why I sleep 24hrs plus at a stretch. 
I wish he had told me about the free running disorder at the time.  he also said he was going to get my melatonin levels tested and my body clock genes.  I don’t know if he got those tests done but I’ve never been given the results and they’re not in his notes.  I feel like I have at least some medical evidence to back me up when I’m trying to explain to people why I’m asleep in the day so much anyway.
Wednesday to early this morning I have slept but today I have energy.  I’ve finished my housework for the week and ordered my shopping for next week.  As usual I’ve ordered some special food treats for the bank holiday.  once I’ve finished my emails I will try and do some writing on my memoir.
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Hi everybody.  I gave up trying to build my own website, too difficult.  So I have paid Red Website Design to build one for me.  It’s very basic but you can read information about me and about my book Dreams of Death, there are links to buy my book from chipmunka publishing or amazon kindle and you can post comments.  I hope to develop the content as time goes on.

Come and see for yourself http://www.lynda-anning.com

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